[Rant] Unprofessional Authors

When I first started blogging I got some requests to review some indie authors books and I excitedly obliged as I was new to the whole book blogging business. However, some of these were published by small publishing companies and/or were indie authors. Let me just say I have nothing against indie authors, I just have never found an indie book I have LOVED, but I guess I haven’t been looking hard enough. Anyway, I quickly found out that I hated writing the negative reviews and then emailing the authors personally. They had worked so hard on something they love, I know that. But I would never destroy the integrity of my blog by lying or being too nice in a review.

However, what annoyed me the most was when I specifically told them the review was going to honest, and when I didn’t like their book they raged at me! Some in private messaging, some via email, and frankly, it was disgusting. I get it, you think I’m totally wrong and I completely missed something or I didn’t pay enough attention. Didn’t I understand that this will be explored later?? Well this pissed me off. I am a book blogger and I have a right to express my views. It is unprofessional and rude to message me telling me why I’m wrong. I never understood what this was meant to achieve. Was I supposed to say, ‘oh sorry, no you’re right, I’ll just go change all of my opinions and my review’. No. It just makes you come across badly and will guarantee whenever I hear your name I will shake my head in disgust and not go near any of your other books.

It makes me sad because it gives authors a bad name, when so many are the nicest. I know it’s so hard taking criticism, but I don’t have to like your book and I will not be bullied into it.

I don’t often write scathing reviews–the only reason I do is because it probably has something like misogyny, rape done badly, or tough issues that I have to be completely honest in my opinion. I don’t think I have ever given a review without some good points in and tried to be as nice as I could–most authors were accepting.

However, there was this one book, where I hated it. So freaking much. I don’t want to link to it and out the author, but if you go right to the beginning of my reviews, you will most certainly find it. I will say that to this day it is the worst book I have ever read. Most readers will agree that that is an impressive feat. When I emailed the author my review he messaged me guilt tripping me and saying his wife helped him write it and she cried reading the review. Feeling awful, I replied saying not to worry, there will be good reviews, and I was only one! Then he replied and told me how all my opinions were wrong and why. He proceeded to patronise me because I was 15 when I read and reviewed it! How dare he imply that my views aren’t as valid because I happen to be under the age of 18. I’m a teenager–not an idiot. I guess I just shouldn’t have replied and that’s not something I will be doing in the future.

However, some authors have been great, like Aurelia B Rowl author of Popping the Cherry, Shannon Eckrich author of Other Side of Forever, Kelly Van Hull author of Tent City (actually asked if I could beta read her next book, really took my opinions in). It’s not like I didn’t enjoy their books, but I had some problems with all of those and they were incredibly nice about it.

They were so professional and lovely–it’s not like I enjoy giving out bad reviews!

Sorry about the rant! Tried to keep this short…haha. Have any of you guys had this experience before, or something similar? Are you an author who regrets doing this or does it for a particular reason?

Tilly Currer is a teenage book geek living in England where she spends her time inside reading because of the abysmal weather. Sometimes, she gets to sit in the sun and read--those are good days. She enjoys strong heroines and hot men, especially werewolves. Fangirling with her friends is one of her favourite hobbies. Comment, tweet, she loves chatting about books and giving/receiving book recs. Paranormal Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Romance, YA, are a few of her favourite things!

10 thoughts on “[Rant] Unprofessional Authors

  1. Arianne (Book Blogger)

    Thank you for writing this post, Tilly – it’s about time someone pointed out how badly bloggers are treated sometimes.

    I know exactly how you feel and have seen this behaviour particularly from self-published authors (though I’m not saying they’re all like that, or that traditionally published authors only ever respond to critiscm in a completely professional way) across the blogosphere. I really hate writing negative reviews but I have to be honest and because of this I just don’t review self-published books anymore – it’s made things so much easier.

    I actually addressed in a recent review (of a much-hyped, traditionally published debut) the fact that bloggers know books are a labour of love for their authors and nobody wants to take that kind of achievement away from them. But you can’t love every book you read, and integrity is so, so essential. You can bet there are people who don’t write reviews who haven’t enjoyed books either, but because we don’t hear about that, book bloggers become the target. If you put your book out there or go even further and request a review, there is absolutely no guarantee that everybody’s going to fall head over heels for it.

    Anyway, you’re totally right to keep your reviews honest and you have no reason to feel guilty about telling the truth. Even if like me you always look on the bright side when it comes to books, honesty is the best policy. Brilliant post, Tilly!

    1. Tilly Currer Post author

      Thanks Arianne! It really gets my goat haha! I don’t either, and it’s sad, but I just don’t have time for that kind of drama. Exactly, we get the abuse just because we’re brave enough to put our reviews out there.

  2. Sarah J.

    If I may suggest a great indie author you should check out Nenia Campbell. She’s one of my favorite authors and a great person.

    I personally haven’t had bad author experiences. I’ve met authors who were jerks in person, but on the internet I’ve yet to experience and author who was cruel. But a LOT of my friends have. I think it’s totally messed up for an author to attack a reviewer or reader. We take our time to read books and then time to post our thoughts and feelings only to have some feel like we are personally attacking them. It makes some authors look extremely immature and I know a lot of people refuse to read some authors’ works because of bad behavior.
    The guy who said you were practically incompetent because you were 15 at the time is an idiot. Your reviews are fabulous and authors just need to learn to take the criticism and turn it into a good book on the next try.
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    1. Tilly Currer Post author

      That’s really good that you haven’t experienced this, it’s really not great. I will definitely check Nenia Campbell out!! She’s sounds awesome. I have a no tolerance policy now, I simply won’t take it.Thank you Sarah!! Means a lot, I spend so much time on here :D <3 <3

    2. Inge @ Bookshelf Reflections

      I second Nenia Campbell. She’s an amazing person and can handle bad reviews so well. She’s thankful for each and every reader and, not to mention, she’s very awesome. And so are her books.

      Overall, my experiences with authors have been good. They’ll thank me for taking the time to read their book and say they’ll take my criticism and hopefully learn from it. There’ve also been authors who asked me to take down a review because it’s damaging to their book, but I’m not playing that game. You wanted an honest opinion, you got an honest opinion.
      Inge @ Bookshelf Reflections recently posted…Blogging Reflections: On Book CoversMy Profile

      1. Tilly Currer Post author

        Interesting, that’s awesome, I’ll have to check her out.WHAT? They asked you to take down your review?! That’s outrageous. So true, they asked for it.

        1. Inge @ Bookshelf Reflections

          Wow, very sorry for the late reply! I subscribed to this thread but didn’t get an email. Well, I was going to be part of a blog tour, but then my DNF review went up on Goodreads and the author asked the blog tour host to kick me out and to have me remove the review. I understand that your blog tour is about promoting the book and my DNF review would not help, but I’m not taking my review down. That’s ridiculous.

          We’ve also been doing author interviews on the blog, which hasn’t been a trail of rose petals exactly. Authors saying they’ll do the interview, so we put our time and effort into these questions, then they take two months to reply and tell us they won’t do the interview after all >.>
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  3. Francoise

    I thought I was the only one with this problem! Authors like these are really inconsiderate and are not open minded to other people opinions. How can you publish a book thinking EVERYONE is going to like it because it’s basically impossible since everyone has different tastes? I know it’s hard taking criticism and no one likes to be told that something they did was bad especially if they put time and effort into it but if you can’t handle having haters here and there, then this isn’t the business for you.

    One time I had this author who sent me a pdf of their book and I accepted. (This was when I was first blogging) I started reading it and I just knew from the very beginning that I wouldn’t like it and that I wouldn’t have time. (I had loads of assessments and other review books for publishers) I wrote a really nice email explaining that I didn’t have the time and didn’t mention anything about the book because I didn’t want to be cruel. They kept emailing me and pestering me to read it and it got to the point where I just had to ignore them.

    I really hate being mean to people but sometimes the message just doesn’t get across! People are entitled to their own opinion and you can’t make everyone love your work.

    Thank you so much for addressing this issue! (Sorry about the little rant)
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    1. Tilly Currer Post author

      I DON’T KNOW FRANCOISE HONESTLY. I completely agree, they need to be able to take criticism! It’s part of the job, unfortunately. That kind of thing happened to me a lot when I first started, it was stressful to me and a nightmare!! I don’t like being mean either, but sometimes people just push it right out of me! I don’t like being emotionally blackmailed. Haahaha rants are the best! Thanks for the awesomesauce comment <3

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