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*Thanks so much for the support about my blog guys! I decided to start with this kind of fun, silly post first, hope you enjoy! Feel free to tell me your thoughts below or on Twitter. Or, just chat to me. Silver Shadows by Richelle Mead came out yesterday! Need to read that, man.*

I got a new bag the other day from Primark and thought it was an awesome bargain. My previous one was a simple small bag that I could barely fit anything in, so I decided to go for something slightly bigger, and I tell you, it fits in more than you think! Below is my new bag, and what’s in my new bag! I love the pwetty blue pastel colour perfect for Summer.



From left to right:

Blue pastel bag | Primark £8

Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh: I didn’t realise this was a book until I saw my friend reading it the other day. We’ve had the film for a while, but I’ve never watched it. My friend said he was really enjoying it, so I grabbed it for £3 at HMV–bargain. It’s about 4 heroin addicts in Scotland, I’m finding it incredibly eye-opening and completely different to everything I’ve ever read. I was pretty surprised it actually fit in the bag considering the size, but it fits rather perfectly.

My phone and earphones: I’m constantly listening to music on Spotify, so I always carry earphones. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, never wanted to shell out for an iphone and the normal S4 seemed a little big for me. There is no way I would bring my bag without my phone!

My keys: An obvious one. Including my gym key and little key rings on it.

Impulse Body Spray: Just a little pick me up, especially needed in the Summer, and it’s mini size is really convenient.

Rimmel London Wake Me Up Concealer: That and mascara is practially the only make-up I wear daily and sometimes I carry it around if I sweat it off or I’m going out for reapplying.

Gucci Guilty Perfume: This little perfume sampler was given to me for free, as you get when you walk around Debenhams and they’re flogging their perfume. It’s such a great thing to carry around, because it’s the perfect size to dab a little on, especially if you’re going from a work/school environment straight to a social environment and want something a little extra.

Vasaline: Self-explanatory, and needed on the occasion. I either carry that or some sort of lipstick/lipsalve.

Owl Purse | Next £15: I paid out for this, but it’s real leather and I love it. It’s useful, everything fits where it’s supposed to and I always carry it around with me.


Sunglasses: Got these free from Cosmopolitan Mag, and they’re just a standard pair to carry around in the Summer and pop on when needed.

Ibuprofen: When my Paracetamol runs out, this is my second choice and it works just as well. I’ve been using it more recently because my nose piercing that I just got can get a little painful. I always find myself handing them out to my friends ;) .

Origins Lip Gloss | £11: Bought this years and years ago and still love it. It’s got a nice minty feeling and it looks great.

Pen: To easily jot things down etc.

Hair Bun Flowers| River Island: Love how these can make a bun look much more glamorous and stylish, when all you’re doing it whacking it on the top of your head.

Kitty Cat Ring and Bracelets | H&M + Primark: Things that get thrown into my bag when I can’t be bothered to wear them any more that day. I also put them in there if I’m rushing out the door so I can put them on later.

Maybelline Volum’ Express Colossal Cat Eyes Mascara | £8: Usually only top-up my mascara if I’m getting wet because it’s the Summer, and feel like reapplying it.

Tissues: Useful especially when there’s no toilet paper in public toilets! You won’t be laughing when you’re in there with no tissues. We’ve all been there.

Spare Change: Just chuck it in there.

Hair Band and Clip: Needed sometimes if I want to clip up my hair or it’s annoyingly in my face.

 credits // photography: Tilly Currer (myself) // outfit: top h&m // shorts: monsoon // jean jacket: thrift shop // written and edited my myself.

Tilly Currer is a teenage book geek living in England where she spends her time inside reading because of the abysmal weather. Sometimes, she gets to sit in the sun and read--those are good days. She enjoys strong heroines and hot men, especially werewolves. Fangirling with her friends is one of her favourite hobbies. Comment, tweet, she loves chatting about books and giving/receiving book recs. Paranormal Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Romance, YA, are a few of her favourite things!

4 thoughts on “[Fashion] What’s in my Bag

  1. Francoise

    I always love watching these vids on youtube because everyone carries something different. That bag is so gorgeous!!! I would love to have one like that. I also really like the colour (blue’s one of my fave colours) and the size. Impulse is a really good body spray and some of the fragrances are really nice. Mascara is always a must have in your bag! You never know when you might need to re-apply.
    Francoise recently posted…{Review} Four: a Divergent CollectionMy Profile

    1. Tilly Currer Post author

      Haha I know! I always go on Youtube and type in stuff life this, I did it the other day :P Thank you!!! Primark is the place for you! Hahaa, blue is probably one of mine too. Definitely!

    1. Tilly Currer Post author

      THANK YOU HAWWA <3 I used the self timer and a triod :) . Thank you!! It was £8 from Primark. Hahaha owls are the bestest. Vaseline is a life-saver, IT ALWAYS SAVES MY LIPS.


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