Things Every Booklover Needs in their Suitcase

Hey guuuyyys! Hope everything’s okay with you all. I’ve just finished my exams! I’m recovering from the biggest book slump of my life and trying to get back into reading, blogging, vlogging etc, the whole she-bang. I really love all of the bookish communities, but it’s really hard to start back and gain momentum when you’ve been absent for so long. I’m finding it really hard. I haven’t found that book that I can’t stop reading no matter what, for a while and that is incredibly disappointing. I will find that damn book if my life depends on it. Hopefully then I will slide back into reading, especially soon as there are a lot of summer reads I want to dive into!

Speaking of Summer reads, I know a lot of you guys are going on holiday so I thought I’d put together some things booklovers will appreciate having in their suitcase:

(Yes I missed out the ‘s’ in ‘needs’. I am not making this graphic again for that.


(From top, left onwards)

Flight/Road: Pillow|TFiOS Audio-book|Party at Gatsby’s tee|Bookish Owl Reading Blanket (hard to see above, but it looks pretty darn cool)

Beach: Phone Case| Books and Stuff bag | Carpe Read ‘Em cup| If I Stay by Gayle Forman (film coming out in August!)

Evenings: The Mortal Instruments Rune Tattoo (I know the film was pretty shite guys, but the books are still awesome and the runes look badass)| Maybelline Colour Show Nail Polish in Cool Blue| Bookish shoes (I actually have no idea where these are from, but that’s the link where I found them)| Rimmel London Kate Moss Lipstick (because Isabel Lightwood looks badass wearing it, so why can’t you?)

Tweet me, message me, comment what you’re currently reading, and what I can read to get my pulse racing and glued to a book! Hope you’re having an amazing Summer and hopefully I’ll be posting more in the next few weeks!

Tilly Currer is a teenage book geek living in England where she spends her time inside reading because of the abysmal weather. Sometimes, she gets to sit in the sun and read--those are good days. She enjoys strong heroines and hot men, especially werewolves. Fangirling with her friends is one of her favourite hobbies. Comment, tweet, she loves chatting about books and giving/receiving book recs. Paranormal Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Romance, YA, are a few of her favourite things!

5 thoughts on “Things Every Booklover Needs in their Suitcase

  1. Robyn Jones

    I do not have any of those cool things for the summer, suitcase or no. I did find my favorite hat so that makes up for all the lacking. I was in a terrible reading slump at the beginning of the year and I jumped into chick lit with Rock Chick and it was so damn funny and fun with awesome alphas, the slump went poof. I hope you find the book that obliterates your reading slump.
    Robyn Jones recently posted…If weren’t for the gore, I’d swear Ilona Andrews took me on a magical fairy ride! On the Edge ReviewMy Profile

    1. Tilly Currer Post author

      Haha neither do I! Aw great! I love it when a single book gets rid of a slump. I’m feeling it’s taking quite some time, but I’m reading a great book atm so I think the worst is over!! :D Thanks Robyn

    1. Tilly Currer Post author

      Thank you Francoise!! I’m still fiddling about but I’m so glad you like it :D . Yeah holidays are keeping me sane! Hope you get going and read more books this month! <3 :D

  2. Sarah J.

    Glad your back, Tilly! Maybe you should reread a book that you loved extremely. It might help your slump a bit. If you haven’t read the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy I suggest that or The Winner’s Curse. They might captivate you! I love your list is so fun and makes me want to go on a roadtrip soon!


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