Contemporary Kick!

I was never a major Contemporary fan. Before I started blogging I though it was boring, depressing and uninteresting. I liked to stick to Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy and all the Paranormal books in YA. I’d read Contemporary before and found it so disappointing.

Last year however, this all changed. Other bloggers started recommending me books outside of Paranormal, and I started to read out of my comfort zone. I was really surprised, because I found I was enjoying myself! Even though I read so much more Contemporary last year than I ever have, I still wouldn’t say I read it regularly. However, this year (even though Paranormal will always be my fav!) I have been in a complete Contemporary kick. I’ve read so many more than I usually do; including Skin Deep by Laura Jarratt, Where the Stars Still Shine by Trish Doller and so many more. Mostly they have romance in them, because that’s the way I like them, but it’s still surprising for me.

I will continue to read this genre until I get bored, and I’m really enjoying all of the recommendations people are giving me! It also makes me want to read some Adult Contemporary, something I’ve read but never enjoyed. This just leads me to think that I haven’t found the right book yet. There is still a lot in Contemporary that I’m not ready to try yet, books that I might never like, but as long as I’m stretching myself, I’m okay with that.

Do you have manic phrases where you read loads in one genre? Can you give me some Contemporary rec?

Tilly Currer is a teenage book geek living in England where she spends her time inside reading because of the abysmal weather. Sometimes, she gets to sit in the sun and read--those are good days. She enjoys strong heroines and hot men, especially werewolves. Fangirling with her friends is one of her favourite hobbies. Comment, tweet, she loves chatting about books and giving/receiving book recs. Paranormal Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Romance, YA, are a few of her favourite things!

4 thoughts on “Contemporary Kick!

  1. Robyn Jones

    We have such similar reading taste! I was never into YA Contemporary until I read the Perfect Chemistry series. Then I read Easy, Pushing the Limits, and Catching Jordan, oh and Guitar Notes (music and YA romance-so good). I still haven’t touched the surface of this genre, but I’ve read some really awesome books! If you find the adult contemporary that opens that genre up for you, do share! I hope you have a great week, Tilly!
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    1. Tilly Currer Post author

      I know! I always think that when I read your reviews, haha. OOOH LOVE THE PUSHING THE LIMITS SERIES! The latest–Crash into You is awesome beyond words! I’ve heard a lot about Easy, but not Catching Jordan and Guitar Notes. Will have to check them out, especially Guitar Notes, because I’m really into music, so I think I’d love that! I certainly will Robyn, thank you! :D

  2. Sarah J

    I was a hardcore paranormal fan for the longest time and then I went became a contemporary reader. I’ve read quite a bit in most genres. I would recommend anything by Ellen Hopkins. Her books are in verse poetry, but they are quick and easy to read. I would also recommend Forbidden (Suzuma), Living Dead Girl, Thirteen Reasons Why, Go Ask Alice,Before I Die, Beauty Queen (Glovach), Stolen: A Letter to My Captor, You Against Me, and The Perks of Being a Wallflower if you are looking for something dark. I would recommend Laure Halse Anderson, Gayle Forman, and Courntey Summers for light but real reads. Sarah Dessen, Simone Elkeles, and Deb Caletti are also good contemporary writers and their romances are usually fun! The DUFF is one of my contemporaries and I highly recommend that! Anything John Green and Melina Marchetta, of course!
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    1. Tilly Currer Post author

      Never heard of Ellen Hopkins, but will have to check her out! Heard of quite a few of those but never got around to them, I guess I’ll have to make time for them! LOVE Gayle Forman so.damn.much. OOH heard about The DUFF so much, clearly need to dive into that! Haha yes!


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