Beautiful Bookends

I wanted to post a DIY bookend video/post, and I was looking for some inspiration. I can’t wait to show you what I’ve made and how you can make it! I’ve been wanting to do DIY videos/posts for ages!

Anyway, here are a couple that I saw and really liked:


(Links to buy on the numbers below)

1. I thought it was funny and creative!

2. Trees can be really pretty and they represent life, so I like how the books would be in the middle, because you live a lot of lives while reading.

3. Elephants are wise and gentle.

4. Star Wars! This one really makes me laugh, it’s so funny and creative, whoever made it is awesome.

5. This Marvel one is also really funny. I’d love to put some Marvel comics between them.

6. I think this would be really cool if you could put all of your romance books inbetween.

7. I love this one! It’s a nice fairy tale symbolism, with the girl and the frog. I have one that my brother got me that’s similar. I adore it!

8. Birds are pwetty.

9. These are so imaginative and DIY. I think they’d look really awesome and artistic on a shelf.

I hope you liked the bookends I picked out! There are some really inventive ones out there. I can’t wait for you all to see my DIY bookend post, and what I choose to make. Do you guys have bookends, or do you simply use bookshelves?


Tilly Currer is a teenage book geek living in England where she spends her time inside reading because of the abysmal weather. Sometimes, she gets to sit in the sun and read--those are good days. She enjoys strong heroines and hot men, especially werewolves. Fangirling with her friends is one of her favourite hobbies. Comment, tweet, she loves chatting about books and giving/receiving book recs. Paranormal Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Romance, YA, are a few of her favourite things!

One thought on “Beautiful Bookends

  1. Sarah J

    The 2nd one and 8th one are absolutely adorable. I want them! I really like your idea for the LOVE bookend and using it for romance novels. Creative! I have simple black book ends. I’ve been wanting some new ones. Maybe I’ll make some like these with my dad.
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