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[Fashion] What’s in my Bag

*Thanks so much for the support about my blog guys! I decided to start with this kind of fun, silly post first, hope you enjoy! Feel free to tell me your thoughts below or on Twitter. Or, just chat to me. Silver Shadows by Richelle Mead came out yesterday! Need to read that, man.*

I got a new bag the other day from Primark and thought it was an awesome bargain. My previous one was a simple small bag that I could barely fit anything in, so I decided to go for something slightly bigger, and I tell you, it fits in more than you think! Below is my new bag, and what’s in my new bag! I love the pwetty blue pastel colour perfect for Summer.



From left to right:

Blue pastel bag | Primark £8

Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh: I didn’t realise this was a book until I saw my friend reading it the other day. We’ve had the film for a while, but I’ve never watched it. My friend said he was really enjoying it, so I grabbed it for £3 at HMV–bargain. It’s about 4 heroin addicts in Scotland, I’m finding it incredibly eye-opening and completely different to everything I’ve ever read. I was pretty surprised it actually fit in the bag considering the size, but it fits rather perfectly.

My phone and earphones: I’m constantly listening to music on Spotify, so I always carry earphones. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, never wanted to shell out for an iphone and the normal S4 seemed a little big for me. There is no way I would bring my bag without my phone!

My keys: An obvious one. Including my gym key and little key rings on it.

Impulse Body Spray: Just a little pick me up, especially needed in the Summer, and it’s mini size is really convenient.

Rimmel London Wake Me Up Concealer: That and mascara is practially the only make-up I wear daily and sometimes I carry it around if I sweat it off or I’m going out for reapplying.

Gucci Guilty Perfume: This little perfume sampler was given to me for free, as you get when you walk around Debenhams and they’re flogging their perfume. It’s such a great thing to carry around, because it’s the perfect size to dab a little on, especially if you’re going from a work/school environment straight to a social environment and want something a little extra.

Vasaline: Self-explanatory, and needed on the occasion. I either carry that or some sort of lipstick/lipsalve.

Owl Purse | Next £15: I paid out for this, but it’s real leather and I love it. It’s useful, everything fits where it’s supposed to and I always carry it around with me.


Sunglasses: Got these free from Cosmopolitan Mag, and they’re just a standard pair to carry around in the Summer and pop on when needed.

Ibuprofen: When my Paracetamol runs out, this is my second choice and it works just as well. I’ve been using it more recently because my nose piercing that I just got can get a little painful. I always find myself handing them out to my friends ;) .

Origins Lip Gloss | £11: Bought this years and years ago and still love it. It’s got a nice minty feeling and it looks great.

Pen: To easily jot things down etc.

Hair Bun Flowers| River Island: Love how these can make a bun look much more glamorous and stylish, when all you’re doing it whacking it on the top of your head.

Kitty Cat Ring and Bracelets | H&M + Primark: Things that get thrown into my bag when I can’t be bothered to wear them any more that day. I also put them in there if I’m rushing out the door so I can put them on later.

Maybelline Volum’ Express Colossal Cat Eyes Mascara | £8: Usually only top-up my mascara if I’m getting wet because it’s the Summer, and feel like reapplying it.

Tissues: Useful especially when there’s no toilet paper in public toilets! You won’t be laughing when you’re in there with no tissues. We’ve all been there.

Spare Change: Just chuck it in there.

Hair Band and Clip: Needed sometimes if I want to clip up my hair or it’s annoyingly in my face.

 credits // photography: Tilly Currer (myself) // outfit: top h&m // shorts: monsoon // jean jacket: thrift shop // written and edited my myself.



Okay so you might notice (if you’re a regular) the changes on this blog. Imma talking ’bout the design, for those clueless, but also the gradual changes you will see in this blog as a whole concerning the name, posts etc. I have been specifically a book blog for nearly 2 years now (since September 2012) and I’ve loved every minute of it–seriously. Discussing with other people that are also passionate about books has been so much fun and will always be awesome. The continual support is amazing and lovely. I adore writing about books, fangirling, tweeting and the overall craziness of book blogging. The fact that this blog is my very own space that is all mine and that I can change it on my whim inspires me.

However, my life does not revolve around books, nor do I want it to. I love reading and I do it daily, talking to people about books is so much fun. I feel like I’ve been blogging for so long now, I have made many a mistake concerning other bloggers, blog design, posts, publishers, you name it. I have grown and spent hours and hours on the blog tweaking, utterly changing and writing post after post. Blogging is hard and the amount of enthusiasm and effort needed to with-keep a blog has to be a lot. You have to be passionate about what you’re talking about.

I have become comfortable in this bloggy environment, and I am working to expand this blog’s overall purpose. Books are not my entire life. I am passionate about many things, and I would like to share them with you! This does not mean I expect you to read a post about beauty etc if you’re not interested. However, you might be interested in some of the things I post, and I will certainly continue to post book reviews, book hauls and all that jazz. I will just post more outside of books–because why shouldn’t I be able to? I’m a 16 year old girl, so of course I have a lot of interests that I would love to discuss with you. There must be other book bloggers out there also interested in: beauty, fashion, lifestyle posts, school posts, diy, tv shows, pets…anyone? ;)

I could have created a separate site, granted. But apart from the palava of 2 blogs, I wanted my passions in one place, and I didn’t want my book blog to be left and hours of posts made redundant.

I may hate writing outside of books, I may love it. The point is that I will never know until I give it a go. So please support me in this endeavor and know that I’m not abandoning the book blogging community. Love y’all <3.


[Rant] Unprofessional Authors

When I first started blogging I got some requests to review some indie authors books and I excitedly obliged as I was new to the whole book blogging business. However, some of these were published by small publishing companies and/or were indie authors. Let me just say I have nothing against indie authors, I just have never found an indie book I have LOVED, but I guess I haven’t been looking hard enough. Anyway, I quickly found out that I hated writing the negative reviews and then emailing the authors personally. They had worked so hard on something they love, I know that. But I would never destroy the integrity of my blog by lying or being too nice in a review.

However, what annoyed me the most was when I specifically told them the review was going to honest, and when I didn’t like their book they raged at me! Some in private messaging, some via email, and frankly, it was disgusting. I get it, you think I’m totally wrong and I completely missed something or I didn’t pay enough attention. Didn’t I understand that this will be explored later?? Well this pissed me off. I am a book blogger and I have a right to express my views. It is unprofessional and rude to message me telling me why I’m wrong. I never understood what this was meant to achieve. Was I supposed to say, ‘oh sorry, no you’re right, I’ll just go change all of my opinions and my review’. No. It just makes you come across badly and will guarantee whenever I hear your name I will shake my head in disgust and not go near any of your other books.

It makes me sad because it gives authors a bad name, when so many are the nicest. I know it’s so hard taking criticism, but I don’t have to like your book and I will not be bullied into it.

I don’t often write scathing reviews–the only reason I do is because it probably has something like misogyny, rape done badly, or tough issues that I have to be completely honest in my opinion. I don’t think I have ever given a review without some good points in and tried to be as nice as I could–most authors were accepting.

However, there was this one book, where I hated it. So freaking much. I don’t want to link to it and out the author, but if you go right to the beginning of my reviews, you will most certainly find it. I will say that to this day it is the worst book I have ever read. Most readers will agree that that is an impressive feat. When I emailed the author my review he messaged me guilt tripping me and saying his wife helped him write it and she cried reading the review. Feeling awful, I replied saying not to worry, there will be good reviews, and I was only one! Then he replied and told me how all my opinions were wrong and why. He proceeded to patronise me because I was 15 when I read and reviewed it! How dare he imply that my views aren’t as valid because I happen to be under the age of 18. I’m a teenager–not an idiot. I guess I just shouldn’t have replied and that’s not something I will be doing in the future.

However, some authors have been great, like Aurelia B Rowl author of Popping the Cherry, Shannon Eckrich author of Other Side of Forever, Kelly Van Hull author of Tent City (actually asked if I could beta read her next book, really took my opinions in). It’s not like I didn’t enjoy their books, but I had some problems with all of those and they were incredibly nice about it.

They were so professional and lovely–it’s not like I enjoy giving out bad reviews!

Sorry about the rant! Tried to keep this short…haha. Have any of you guys had this experience before, or something similar? Are you an author who regrets doing this or does it for a particular reason?

Review: Assassin’s Blade by Sarah J. Maas (Throne of Glass 0.1-0.5)

Review: Assassin’s Blade by Sarah J. Maas (Throne of Glass 0.1-0.5)The Assassain's Blade by Sarah J, Sarah J. Maas
Series: Throne of Glass
Published by Bloomsbury, Bloomsbury Children's, Bloomsbury Children's on March 4th 2014
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult
Pages: 448
Format: Paperback
Source: Given From Publisher
Celaena Sardothien is Adarlan's most feared assassin. As part of the Assassin's Guild, her allegiance is to her master, Arobynn Hamel, yet Celaena listens to no one and trusts only her fellow killer-for-hire, Sam. In these action-packed novellas - together in one edition for the first time - Celaena embarks on five daring missions. They take her from remote islands to hostile deserts, where she fights to liberate slaves and seeks to avenge the tyrannous. But she is acting against Arobynn's orders and could suffer an unimaginable punishment for such treachery. Will Celaena ever be truly free? Explore the dark underworld of this kick-ass heroine to find out.

I want to congratulate the person who designed these covers, they are freaking amazing!

Okay so this review is months overdue and all I can do is apologise and breathe a sigh of relief that it’s finally Summer. After requesting a copy of Throne of Glass last year on a whim, it has fast become one of my favourite YA series. That’s a tough feat. I adore reading about Celaena’s antics and these short stories were fast-paced, intriguing and had my constant attention. Maas is able to bring out every emotion possible from me including laughter, fear for the characters and sadness. I am not afraid to say I cried a little at the end, that was emotional shiz.

Celaena is the kind of protagonist I love reading about because of her awesome fighting skills and attitude (heellooo, Hardcore Heroines); whilst at the same time I openly wish I was as badass as her. Maas craftily weaves the romance, tension and intrigue together, leaving plenty of room for the interesting sub-plots and back-story. What with that and consistent character development, you’ve got yourself a winner.

I don’t know what to tell you if you haven’t read this series, apart from that it continually amazes and rarely (if ever) disappoints. I’ve read three of this series now and not once have I been let down, which I don’t think has happened to me before with such an intense, Fantasy world. I urge everyone to read this, even if you’re not a major fan of Fantasy because it’s really a fantastic series that offers a lot. It’s the kind of series that will be right at the top of my recommends pile yet I will hand out with caution to my friends in case they spill something on it. (I’m looking at you, Lois).

I want to be Celaena’s best friend, talk books with Dorian and learn to fight with Chaol. I cannot wait for what’s in store for Heir of Fire. I have no reservations on whether it will disappoint as Maas has proved her reliability and each book gets better and better.

Rating: no less than 5 Stars!

Tell me what you think of the series in the comments!

**This book was sent to me by Bloomsbury, however this didn’t affect my review or thoughts on the book one iota’s worth**