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Which is the most gut-wrenching choice? Rose Hathaway’s? Or Sydney Sage’s?…Continued

Sydney has the choice between her job (although it’s more complicated than that) and Adrian.

Sydney has been an alchemist all her life, either that or she’s been training for it. She’s always responsible for everything that’s happening, and, should something go wrong, she’s to blame. Sydney never really complains about her job, she thinks it’s her duty and she has to do it because it’s been passed through her family. She can’t choose both her job and Adrian because it is incomprehensible in her line of work to have a relationship with someone involved with magic or who’s a vampire. The only relationship allowed is a business one, that should not get personal.
In Sydney’s society, vampires are wrong and evil, she has been asked to do Gods work and will do so with a gold cross around her neck that gives her comfort. Lately though, she has been starting to enjoy being with Adrian, Eddie, Angeline etc. But she knows it’s wrong and if she ever hesitated, her visit to see Keith certainly supported how awful the re-education is. If they find out how her feelings have changed from revulsion to liking them, everything she has ever built would come crashing down. Her father is awful and would never forgive her for even kissing Adrian, she would be replaced by her sister who in my opinion is ungrateful and definitely not capable of Sydney’s job.

She’s makes such a great Sydney, beautiful!

On the other hand, what has her job ever done for her? She could keep building herself up and getting promotions, but no one would be looking out for her, she would have left the only people who ever cared for her. Her father would be ashamed of her if she chose Adrian, but when is he ever congratulating her work anyway? He never says anything nice to her and everything she does is wrong, she could go through her whole life with daddy issues and trying to please him, or she could think: ‘why do I care?’
She’s so scarred by her lifestyle and pressure that she’s anorexic, yet no one seems to notice but Adrian, because as long as she’s doing her job, why would it matter? Sydney points to her lily and says it’s her duty, because it’s her belief system, but the lily fails her, as she’s just another cog in a big machine and doesn’t matter to anyone apart from the people she refuses to get close to.

I’m going to try and not ramble on about Adrian, because I already covered his argument with Rose’s post.
Adrian needs to step up his game, and he is. When with Rose, he lent on her like a crutch and tried to impress her. Now he wants to be a better person, he’s giving up smoking, in return for Sydney to eat, he’s trying not to drink as much and he’s not having so much lady company. On top of all that, Adrian is in college doing art, having a work ethic, and trying to stop being a spoilt child feeling sorry for himself. You make me want to become something greater than myself. I want to excel. You inspire me in every act, every word, every glance. It is sad that he fell so deeply in love with Rose as she kind of abandoned him, but as we can see Adrian is the first to make a move to Sydney, because he falls in love easily.
Adrian is the only one who cuts Sydney some slack and realises she’s not there to sort out everyone’s problems and stands up for her when people are being rather unfair. Sydney has a life that’s boring, even though she was home educated, her father made sure he was strict and she is extremely clever, but this has gone unnoticed and she can’t do anything except her alchemist job. Sydney is craving an education so much that she chose to stay on at school even though she is years too old for it because she can’t go to college. Sydney is extremely too young to be tied down, it doesn’t seem like she’s had any excitement in her life and she’s always been told what to do. Adrian is yin to her yang, they seem to fit perfectly together. She brings a light into his life, and he brings a humour and fun that high-strung Sydney needs.

Is Adrian the right one for her though? He may be fun for a while, but does he seem like the guy who would be tied down? Sydney could lose everything if she chose him, what if it doesn’t work out or Adrian cheats on her? One slip of Adrian and she would be utterly alone in life. None of them are experienced in life or relationships, especially Sydney. Adrian smokes, drinks and is entirely inappropriate for her and her belief system, he says he’s going to quit, but these are coping mechanisms that he’s had for years. It’s not going to be easy peasy to drop them.

Looking very dapper, Mr Ivashkov

Sydney’s terrified of magic, she’s done a little, but only at the push of others and to save people, with other opinions pressuring her, she’s not sure what she believes anymore or if it’s been forced on her.

Do you think Sydney’s choice was harder?
Personally, I think it is. Rose had to choose between two hot men. Sydney has to choose between her belief system and a man who has completely changed her perspective.
Everything she has ever known is telling her magic and Vampires are wrong, Adrian is challenging that. Sydney is lost and doesn’t know what she thinks about anything, Adrian has got to be the only person not pressuring her into a belief…apart from at the end when he kisses her. He’s forcing her to face the facts and choose something, but whatever she chooses, it has to be her decision, not anyone else’s  Maybe it’s time for the divide between humans and the vampires to be taken away.

If a hot dream walker, came into my life and kissed me, there is no debate what I’d do…but then I’m not particularly religious and I don’t have someone forcing me into beliefs.

What would you do? Do you agree with me that Sydney’s choice is harder?
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Which is the most gut-wrenching choice? Rose Hathaway’s? Or Sydney Sage’s?

Now that The Golden Lily has been released and fans are anticipating the exciting release of The Indigo Spell, one question arose, who’s choice is worse, Rose’s or Sydney’s? Sydney has the choice between Adrian and effectively, her job.
Rose had the choice between a loveable rogue and a God in a duster.


The main issue for Rose to choose Dimitri was the fact that Dimitri was her teacher, there was a 7 year gap between them that would be considered inappropriate as she is underage. Not only that, but with Rose being determined to be Lissa’s guardian, it would make Rose and Dimitri’s relationship more complicated. As, Rose and Dimitri would be looking out for each other and not Lissa.
As soon as she turns 18, Rose ventures on her ‘quest’ to find Dimitri which is what makes their love so loyal. She gives up her education and everything she wanted- to be Lissa’s guardian- to find Dimitri as she promised and kill him. What happens in Russia is brutal, emotionally and physically for both of them, Rose still loves him, however he’s not like he was before, so she escapes.
Later, when Dimitri comes back to being Dhamir,  Rose expects to be loved by Dimitri, instead he rejects her claiming “Love fades…mine has.” Lies Dimitri, lies. In a state of depression and anguish, Dimitri is scarred by the things he did to Rose and others whilst strigoi, who wouldn’t be?

Rose loves Dimitri though, seriously who doesn’t? He is a God at combat and this is something they share in common, Dimitri taught her how to be quick and efficient at killing strigoi when necessary. They shared a bond from the beginning. Despite Dimitri’s protests, we all have a feeling he’s into this ‘zen crap’ because he has control issues like Rose, or at least he used to. He’s unbelievably badass, his duster making him even more so, and reads western novels.  The fact he didn’t go with Tasha means he chose Rose regardless of what he says.
Rose went to Russia, gave up something she was excelling at and enjoying. Everyone  thought she was going to be an amazing guardian and even her parents were proud, even though their relationships started on rocky ground.
Ultimately though Dimitri and Rose understand each other, know each others emotions and are loyal without the slightest hesitation, even when Dimitri was in danger of being accused a strigoi, he was fighting for Rose until she made him stop. They have a synchrony that’s not apparent with her relationship with Adrian.


Adrian falls in love too easily and he’s convenient for Rose when Dimitri rejects her, she feels hurt and after all that she’s done for him, she needs comfort. It seems Adrian is always 1st reserve, no one quite understands him. He drinks and smokes, both unattractive things and likes the company of women a bit too much. Adrian insists he will do anything for Rose, trying to impress her. He makes the list of things he’ll do if she gave him a chance and promised to quit his habits for her.
Is it true Adrian was never right for her? He is always her ‘crutch’ and Rose never made him feel stronger. Adrian was only doing these nice things, to impress her, show her how mature he was. But he never wanted to be a better person because of her.

However, Adrian did try, he promised to give up his habits…he tried. People forget how perceptive Adrian is, he’s a spirit user for god’s sake! He learnt to heal things, he sees auras. I wouldn’t mind Adrian walking in my dreams! How amazing would it be to have your boyfriend be in your dreams?
 Adrian is an artist, but he feels alone, his parents are horrible to him, above all, he’s misunderstood. Sensible with a dry humour, Adrian puts on a bravado around everyone, when it’s clear inside he’s quite troubled and lost.  He has messy, brown hair, that is painstakingly styled and he’s sexy.
Adrian was there for Rose when Dimitri wasn’t, he comforted her, he loved her, he was willing to change for her. Rose shared his humour,and they did make a cute couple.

It must have been hard for Rose to choose between them, she loved them both. She broke a heart in the process and he never quite forgave her. In the end she mostly got her happy ending, others weren’t so lucky.
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Do you think choosing between Dimitri and Adrian was tough? Do you think Sydney’s choice is harder? 
Sydney’s argument coming soon.